Top Tips For First Time Buyers

Are you looking into the options available to you for buying your first-time home? There is a lot for first time buyers to take in when looking into the options available so carry on reading for some top tips and advice from our professional sales teams.

First things first we think it is important for you to know what funds you have available or require to purchase a property.

Deposit: Firstly, you will need to work out how much of a deposit you will be able to put down for the property, this is generally 10% of the purchase price of the property.

If this deposit money is in fixed rate accounts, contact your service provider to find out how you go about releasing the funds to a more accessible account. 


Mortgage: The next step will be to contact the bank/building society and arrange a meeting about a mortgage. They will be able to do a full financial check and provide you with a mortgage in principle (this is a mortgage promise). You can also contact an Independent Financial Advisor, they act as a go-between to get you the best mortgage product. Most estate agents will have someone they recommend professionally, contact one of our branches and ask the question today.


Researching Properties

Things to consider when researching available properties:

  •  Location in relation to your work place and transport links
  • Long-Term Option – local schools (Rightmove and Zoopla often show you the local schools and Ofsted ratings online)
  •  Potential to extend or modernise if needs be and the cost implications of this.
  • Price of the property compared to what you can borrow.

Booking In to See Properties

·        Book a day or a long-weekend and in advanced and book in a few properties you have short-listed online.

·        Contact the agents and have a chat about the houses as it maybe you can remove or add any properties to your short-list in having a conversation with the agents about your property wants or needs.

·        Book the properties in with plenty of time between appointments because even if they are in close proximity to one another it gives you chance to have a look up and down the road and take your time in the property and ask all the questions you want without clock watching.

·        Maybe create some sort of grading system and sit in the car after a viewing and reflect on the property before moving on to the next and make notes.

·        Once you have finished your viewings it may be an idea to speak to family/friends about the properties and get their thoughts from the literature you have available.

·        If you whittle the houses down to a couple, book some second viewings in and arrange to take family/friends to get further opinions.

Not only are our sales team experienced in the properties we have available, they will also be able to discuss and offer you some advice or even some contact details to those who can help. Why don’t you contact us today and get started on that property ladder!