New Year...New You...New House?

January - a time for promises, a time for change and a time to start that next chapter!  A lot of estate agents, including Nick Tart, find that the property business has a busy flurry over the four weeks of January with many people deciding that this is the year to move! January 2017 has been no exception, with properties in the pipeline and several properties on the market already this month, we are hoping this pattern continues!

When it comes to selling properties there are plenty of blogs available on the internet with top tips for selling. First impressions count, so we have trawled the internet and talked to our six offices to ask the Nick Tart Team what their ‘Top Tips for Selling in 2017’ are!

1)    Neutral colour schemes:

This has been shown to be most attractive to those looking to buy a house. This is because neutral tones brighten up the rooms making them look airy and clean. The colours also allow potential buyers to picture their furniture in the rooms rather than spending the entire viewing thinking “how many coats of paint will it take to go over that green in the kitchen?”!

2)    A clutter free home:

Again, the more simplistic a home is the easier it is for applicants to picture themselves there and work out if it is the house for them. Invest in some plastic crates…whether they are stored up the loft or under the bed they make a great and quick solution to putting away that pile of magazines or the kids toys that are out as the doorbell rings!

3)    Cleaning:

Seeing a clean home on a viewing is another positive. It makes the potential buyers realise that the cleaning is manageable and makes the viewing more inviting. Focus on the carpets, sofas, kitchen and bathrooms. If these areas are spotless it is inviting and welcoming to visitors. Clean windows are another bonus, they show a well-maintained home and offer a good first impression.

4)    Tidy the garden:

We are not saying you need to turn into Monty Don and completely transform your garden, but keeping any lawn well maintained and weeding pathways to the property are good ways to keep the garden looking smart and ready for visitors.


5)    Curtains and blinds open:

Natural light is a wonderful selling point, so keep those curtains and blinds open to show the light bouncing around the room. If you have venetian blinds make sure you give them dust off if they are open (wouldn’t want the light to show you up!)


6)    Lamps and Lights:

Lighting is a great way to show a room off, whether that means the main ceiling lights or lamps for atmosphere. Turn them on, make the home look inviting and show the house off in its best ‘light’.

7) Heating and fires:

There is nothing more inviting than a warm home. Got a viewing tonight? Why don’t you turn the central heating up a little to take the rooms to an ambient temperature? Or if you have a fire or wood-burner let the applicants see it in action! Not only does it show it’s actually working, but it allows you to create a cosy atmosphere at the property which the potential buyers could imagine being theirs! Of course, don’t listen to this point if it is July and 25°C!!


8) A few of those ‘I’ll do that in the New Year’ jobs:

Been promising to re-grout the bathroom for three years? That scratch on the wall that you were going to look at during the August bank holiday 2008? Put aside a weekend and make a list. The more finished a home looks with fresh paintwork, grouting and flooring, the more attractive it is to potential buyers who just want to move in!


9) Leaving Pets with The Neighbour:

A lot of homeowners have pets these days, but it is probably best from a selling perspective for the pets to be with the neighbour and all traces of them tidied away for the purposes of viewings. For those who have pets they will want to picture their own pet dog or cat in the property but you never know if a potential applicant has an allergy to fur therefore, the most attractive property is one which doesn’t make the potential buyers sneeze!


10) Parking Arrangements:

Got a drive-way or parking space at the property? Leave it for the viewers. It is a nice personal touch of them and allows them to imagine pulling on to the drive-way day in and day out as the new owners of the property!

See, 10 little tips and you’ve got yourself a highly attractive property! If this blog has inspired you to try your property on the market this New Year, why don’t you contact your local Nick Tart branch? With branches in Albrighton, Bridgnorth, Ironbridge, Much Wenlock, Telford and Tettenhall we cover a large area within Shropshire and the West Midlands. Contact us today and speak to our team about the financial deals we can offer you to sell your home with us (